Town Now On Course For Possible Beach Purchase – By Harold Wessell


TOWN OF STILLWATER, June 6 – "There isn't a person that hasn't come up to me and said, ‘When are we going to buy it?' ... ‘When is the deal done?'" Town Supervisor Edward Kinowski told Wednesday's Town Board Agenda Meeting. "There has not been a negative word from one person" about the prospect that the old Brown's Beach site on Saratoga Lake will soon become a facility of the Town of Stillwater in various ways. "We're taking a number of steps toward bringing us closer to a purchase agreement."

The Supervisor, stressing that he is addressing the prospect only to the extent he is entitled to at this stage, told Wednesday's Town Board Agenda meeting that it was unlikely there could be any community use of Brown's Beach this year; but at least its status should be should be established in 120 days or less.  That is the amount of time a prospective purchaser has to complete a closing after a Letter of Intent (LOI) to purchase has been signed – as it now has.

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