The Aura of Mount Rushmore – By S. McBride


   My dear friend Erin Carola Knotek, when she heard that our vacation destination was Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, told me that when she took her grandmother, the late Aggie Ford, to the mountain back in 1988 “She was so excited to see it . . . she was so proud . . . you would have thought she was meeting the presidents themselves.”

   Well, now I’ve been there and I know how Aggie Ford must have felt.

   When people asked where we were going on vacation and I answered “Mount Rushmore”, I got a few quizzical looks and at least two “Whys?”  I know it’s not your typical summer trip, it being 1800 miles from Mechanicville across seven states, but hey, I’ve always wanted to see it.  Why not?

   So we went.  Loaded up the little RV we love so well and headed west.

Read the entire article in the July 10th issue of the Express.