Temperence in Schaghticoke – by C. Kelley

Last week I gave a brief history of the beginnings of the temperance movement in the U.S. It began in the churches, first urging people to moderate alcohol intake, then to abstain totally.

I have found some early evidence of the Temperance movement in Schaghticoke.  Apparently New York State had begun its society, the NY Society for the Promotion of Temperance, by 1829, as the group published its 3rd Annual Report in 1832. In this report, I found that Wyatt Swift, President of the Schaghticoke Powder Mill, was President of the local group, which had an amazing 392 members, an increase of 211 over the preceding year. Wyatt wrote, “We have much to encourage us to persevere in the cause of temperance; we have had three public meetings at which addresses were made on the subject.

Article in the June 2 edition.