Stillwater to Keep Old Town Hall – by H. Wessell

TOWN OF STILLWATER, February 5 – On Thursday, the Town board had an uncommon sort  of resolution presented by  Supervisor Edward Kinowski as the only agenda item: as it were, a “multiple-choice question.”    

The choices were:

(A) retention of the old town hall for Town use, primarily as a new home for the Police Department, along with any additional  uses the Town Board should determine.

(B) Renting the building;

(C) Selling it outright. 

   The Board chose to keep the building, and make any changes needed for police use.The board approved the option to retain for town use, first of all for the Police Department. Councilwoman Virginia Whitman voted no; Arthur Baker said he had intended to oppose, but  joined rest of the board on a yes vote.

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