Mechanicville Elementary Holds Special Assembly Honoring Veterans – by Sandy McBride

   The students at Mechanicville Elementary School arrived at school on Friday morning knowing that it was a special day, that they would have a special assembly that morning honoring veterans.  Imagine the children’s surprise when they climbed down from their buses and filed through the front doors to find their hallway lined with bearded, leather-jacketed and be-medaled, American flag-toting members of the Patriot Guard.  Yes, it was going to be a special day indeed.

   In a moving and meaningful ceremony organized by elementary school teachers and staff, Elks Veteran Chairperson Justine Crowley-Duncan and the students themselves, the assembly featured many honored guests, introductions, music and song, recitations, video, and a panel of military representatives who answered questions from the kids on what serving in the military is all about.


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