Making the Case for Halfmoon Zip Code – by P. Bardunias

Senator Chuck Schumer came to Halfmoon last week to help Town officials advocate for this fast-growing town to have its own ZIP code.   The press conference centered on several concerns, the most urgent being the need to establish clear street addresses for first responders who often struggle to find the location of a distress call in Clifton Park or Halfmoon.    Clifton Park-Halfmoon Fire Chief Art Hunsinger said, “A new ZIP code for Halfmoon is necessary for emergency services…. we should not have to wait for a tragedy to happen in order for Halfmoon to get its own ZIP code.”  Hunsinger also pointed out that, when placing grant applications, the local emergency services organizations “lose grant money every year because they are sharing locations with other Fire Departments.”

The entire article is in the Feb. 26 issue.