Local Government Budgets – By H. Wessell

TOWN OF STILLWATER, November 20 - The Town of Stillwater like all New York towns is supposed to approve its Preliminary Budget for the new year  on or before November 20. Following Thursday's Town Board business meeting, Supervisor Edward Kinowski mused with this writer: Yes, the Town does have a budget in place, in one way...  but it doesn't, in another,and rather roundabout way.   "Normally by Nov. 20," explained the Supervisor,  "We are ready  to do that."    But due to what he called "a little bit of a nuance that occurred three days before," the Town did not yet pass its budget by a vote. But in the aforementioned roundabout way, the Town still DOES have a Final Budget in place, as of that night.

Read the entire article in the Nov. 27th issue of the Express.