January 1863: Stones River Part 1 – By Sandy McBride

It has been said that “war is hell”.  The American Civil War certainly was, but it did have its lighthearted moments, too.

In the closing days of December, 1862, Union General William Rosecrans with his 40,000-man Army of the Cumberland was approaching Murfreesboro, Tennessee with a plan to drive Confederate General Braxton Bragg and his 35,000-man Army of Tennessee out of the state.  Bragg’s forces were encamped just north of Murfreesboro astride Stones River. On December 30, even though his advancing troops and supply wagons were under continual raiding from Confederate cavalry units who swept around their rear, Rosecrans, whose army had marched from Nashville, had closed to within two miles of Murfreesboro.  He halted his army to make camp just a few hundred yards from the rebel camps.


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