H.O.P.E Pets for Adoption

Aster is a gorgeous and very unusual bright green-eyed petite calico lady — she has lovely very distinguished orange, black and white markings along with an "orange tabby" back leg. Aster has a very loving nature and enjoys rubbing against your legs and making sure she's always nearby. This lady is very friendly to everyone. She has been very busy raising her four kittens but when she's taking a break from being mom she's playful and curious about everything. Aster gets along very well with the other cats and dogs in her foster family. With her easy going and friendly personality, she would do well in almost any home. Aster is 2-3 years old.

As of October 2014, Aster is not yet spayed but will be before she is given to her new family (we are just letting her nurse her kittens a little more even though they are already weaned)!

Aster is up to date on her shots and is negative for FIV & Feline Leukemia.

Can this picture be any more purrfect?From left to right —

Elliot, Chester, Baxter, and Dexter. These cute guys have been learning how to eat crunchies, groom themselves and be independent little cats and are now ready to leave their mom, Aster, and find new families. All four kitties are sweet and friendly with fairly similar personalities. Baxter is a little more adventurous than the rest and Chester is a tiny little runt that was sick in his first few weeks of life but is now perfectly healthy. For some reason Elliot loves to snuggle upside down and Dexter is your all-around easy going kinda guy! If you want to come meet this litter just put in a request for Aster's kittens and we can update you on who is still looking for a home! (Just a reminder - these guys have blue eyes now but they will probably change to green or golden when they get a little bigger).

These little guys are neutered (all except Chester who was too small as of 10/21...but he will be soon), up to date on shots and negative for FIV & feline leukemia.

For more information please call 518.428.2994 or, to fill out an Online Adoption Application, visit www.hopeanimalrescue.org.

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