Cobb Speaks at Mechanicville Highschool – by Sandy McBride

So said former pro football player Michael Cobb speaking to students in Mechanicville Junior/Senior High School last week.  Mr. Cobb talked to the boys and girls about goals, dreams, success, love, communication, commitment, dedication and making good choices.  The imposing but personable 6 foot 5 inch athlete wandered through the auditorium as the classes came in, talking with many of the kids as they took their seats.

After being introduced to the students by high school principal Kevin Kolakowski, Mr. Cobb.  took the stage to begin his remarks.  He asked the boys and girls how many of them had hugged their parents that morning before they left for school?

“Stop and take the time,” he said, “it only takes a few seconds to tell someone you love them.”

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