Residential Rehabilitation Program In Search of Contractors

The City of Mechanicville is looking for contractors to participate in a grant program funded by the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal known as the HOME program. The program will make grants available to improve owner-occupied properties that serve low and moderate income residents.  As part of the program, the City must maintain a list of qualified contractors in the area.  Contractors on the list will receive bid requests for residential rehabilitation projects from property owners that are participating in the program.

All contractors who are interested in being considered for work related to the HOME grant program must first submit their qualifications. The qualification form can be obtained at City Hall in the Accounts office. Contractors must meet insurance requirements, provide contact information, and provide three references in order to be considered.

Minority and women owned businesses are encouraged to submit their qualifications.

For more information on the City’s new HOME Program, contact Gina Kenyon at City Hall at (518) 664-7303. A detailed summary of eligibility criteria and other requirements of the program is available upon request.