Brown’s Beach a Joint Effort? – By Harold Wessell

TOWN OF STILLWATER, July 15 – Stillwater Town Supervisor Edward Kinowski told The Express that he's been extra busy since last Thursday in stepped-up conversations with the Town of Malta and GlobalFoundries toward a  potential intermunicipal redevelopment plan for Brown's Beach, using funds offered by Global.

Whether an agreement is forged or not, however, Stillwater is able to make the purchase on its own, according to its Supervisor.

The company has proferred a donation toward  Stillwater's desired purchase of the long-popular, but long idled beach facility at the south end of Saratoga Lake,  IF it can be part of an agreement providing both Towns with sufficient  "public benefit" from an approval of the Fab 8.2 project –  and be the final such concession expected of the company.

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