Anthony Luciano Retires from City Service – By Harold Wessell

"There's a little error there," quipped Luciano, bringing laughter after Sylvester read and presented the official proclamation: "– 38 years, seven months."

The mayor got out his pen and offered to make the correction on the spot..

"Thirty eight years and seven months," repeated Luciano with a smile. "There isn't much else to say that's left over. I just want to  appreciate you guys coming.... I never knew this was going to happen," he told  officials and a group of friends and relatives... This is probably my fifth retirement party. People ask me ‘How come you don't get another job?'  The reason is, I don't want another retirement party!"

He never knew they were planning it. "I was very surprised. So I'll probably see you all at the End Zone?"

But for that reason, not expecting anything very special, he admitted, "I have to apologize to my wife... I never knew she was supposed to come."  When he first arrived,  someone "asked ‘Where's your wife?' ‘I left her home.' I apologize, honey -- I'll make it up to you!"

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