ADK Save – A – Stray Pets for Adoption

Boshie - Blonde, Male, Pomeranian, 3-5 years old. Up to date on shots
Hayden & Evan - Chocolate, male, Pomeranian, 3-5 years old, up to date on shots.
These babies were rescued from a horrendous hording situation along with several others. We are getting them neutered, groomed and fully vetted before they come to us. They are very sweet, good with other animals and will make perfect lap dogs. If you are a Pom lover, please come and meet them.
For more information please call 518-654-6220.
Carey Circle puppy - This little guy was from a getto area. Our rescuer was driving one of the bad neighborhoods in Georgia and saw a lady walking a Mama dog that had been nursing pups. She immediately pulled over and asked where the pups were. She was told the rest of the pups had been traded or sold. This was the last of the pups and our rescuer took the puppy immediately and brought it to the vet. The woman would not give up the mother but she is trying to work with the owner to get her spayed.
Please come and meet this cute, 10 week old baby. For more information please call the shelter.
Kitten: We are really overloaded with kittens this year and they keep coming in. We have all different colors and coats. Please come and see all the little furballs that are in need of homes.
Boshie Carey Circle pup