ADK Pets for Adoption

May and her brood - This is really a good and bad story. This older gentleman was getting evicted and brought these kittens in to us with two Moms

Let me say this is the frustration that we have to deal with. Because he never secured the cage, one of the Moms escaped from his car and we are actively looking for her. Heartbreaking!! As the saying goes sad but true. So this Mama is stuck with all these babies to nurse. Some are seven weeks old and ready to go within the next few days. The others are about 3 weeks and have a few weeks to go(The other Mama's litter). Please, if you are looking for a new purr bucket, come and reserve one. We are desperate to find homes for them. Call for more information 518-654-6220.

Backyard Litter - These seven pups were rescued from backyard of a home in Mount Vernon. The man could have cared less that we took them. He just hadn't had time to "dump them at the shelter." They were immediately taken to our vet and vaccinated and treated for scabies. They have been at vet for over a week and been given dectomax injections. They have been cleared to go to rescue. There is five males two females and weigh between 8 to 12 lbs. They are currently in foster care. Please help with these puppies and give them a better start than they first were given.