A Memorable Visit to Washington – by Sandy McBride

tomnsandyvisitwashington 208

Washington, DC is an amazing city.  So many of the world’s great leaders have met here.  So much history, triumph and tragedy, so much greatness have emanated from that 68.3 square mile area in the last 200 years!  Today it is a veritable treasure trove of elegant architecture, impressive statuary, meaningful memorials, preserved old buildings and stylish new buildings.  The written words recording the utterances of our nation’s greatest leaders over more than two centuries are to be seen and heard in many places in this great city. And here in the electronic age there are video terminals available providing an endless resource for film, photos and speeches which keep us in touch with the legacy of our capital city. You can feel the history everywhere you go.

We ventured to Washington two weeks ago to visit our son Marty and to see the sights.  It was Cherry Blossom Festival weekend, so the capital city was teeming with tourists and school groups.  The streets were crowded with pedestrians, buses, cars, taxis, trolleys and segways.  Unfortunately, there was hardly a cherry blossom to be found.  Mother Nature seems quite unwilling to give up on winter this year!

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