H.O.P.E Pets for Adoption

Aster is a gorgeous and very unusual bright green-eyed petite calico lady — she has lovely very distinguished orange, black and white markings along with an “orange tabby” back leg….


Elvis & Patsy Help Rotary Club Raise Funds

TILLWATER OCTOBER 25- Danny “Elvis” Romines and Courtney “Patsy Cline” Shane filled up the SACC auditorium on Saturday night. The Mechanicville Rotary Club sponsors Elvis every year to raise money…


Stillwater and Other Schools Turn to Lobbyist – by H. Wessell

STILLWATER, October 21-Faced with a pattern of the State of New York giving less and less to smaller school districts that already have less and less, Stillwater Central School Superintendent…


History of Schools in Schaghticoke – by C. Kelley

Last week I talked a bit about the lack of information about 18th century schools in Schaghticoke. Though New York State began funding schools in 1795, the Common School Law,…

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Meet the Candidates – Stallmer & Woerner

Carrie Woerner is a successful businesswoman with nearly 30 years in the high-tech industry. Her career includes stints with IBM and Perot Systems Corp. As the current Vice President of…


Presidentil Election of 1864 – by S. McBride

  It’s that time of year again, when we are on election overload with gaudy signs blotting the roadsides, mailers and seemingly non-stop TV spots either extolling the virtues of…