Waterford School Takes on Bullying – by Michael Bielawski

Waterford – This past Jan 10 Waterford-Halfmoon Union Free Jr/Sr High School held the second of three assemblies on bullying.  The speaker was Officer Jeremy Connors of the Waterford Police Department.  “The main objective was to open the eyes of the students as to what goes on in the school and other forms of social media” he said.

Connors stressed that with today’s new media technologies such as smart phones and tablets, bullying has taken on new forms.  “I think bullying is not just in the halls of the school anymore, it’s starting to resonate throughout the community via social media and individuals personal lives.  With the fact that everyone has smart phones and Internet access, it’s almost instantaneous that the information gets put out onto the Internet or made public and it can ruin a person’s name or image in an instant.”

Entire Article on page 16 of the January 23 issue of the Express.