TO NEACA Members and Exhibitors – by D. Petronis

TO NEACA Members and Exhibitors,   … You may already have seen this product on the web


A mount for a cell phone that makes the phone appear to look like a  semi-automatic handgun!


To the management at and for our NEACA Arms Fairs and Gun Shows we have taken a stand against allowing their sale at our events. NY State will probably ban them anyway!


It may look cute … but we are not going to be the show promoters who get caught up in a law suit when some unfortunate and more likely DUMB individual either gets shot by police or mugged by the public who then wants to sue us for having allowed it to be sold at our shows.




My advice; don’t invest your money in them because we will not allow their sale.

Don’t bring them to our next shows in August at Old Forge, Saratoga Springs or Newburgh.

Thanks to all of you.


When someone wants a gun for protection or “looks” sell them a Real One legally!

   David Petronis, President