Saratoga Gun Show Attracts Attorney General

By Michael Bielawski

SARATOGA – One of the hottest debates these days without question is the gun debate.  And New York State is at the center of this debate especially since the passage of the Safe Act.  In a nutshell, the Safe Act limits rounds that may legally be loaded in a firearm at any one time (to seven rounds), among other provisions about sales and background checks.
At this gun show, largely to ensure the Safe Act was followed, was New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.  Some assumed the appearance might be awkward or even confrontational.  As it turns out, “The Attorney General was quite pleased with the way we run our shows” said David Petronis, the gun show operator.  He wasn’t there long, but he visited all the tables and embraced an atmosphere that was likely very different from his liberal base.

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