Residents Concerned: E. Pittstown FD – by Christine Barton

Pittstown- On March 4th residents from the Town of Pittstown gathered at a public forum to hear information relating to a proposal that the East Pittstown Fire Department will be putting forward in a referendum. The fire department has contracted with Hueber-Breuer Construction company to look into the costs associated with purchasing the now vacant Parker School for the purpose of moving the fire departments operations to that location and selling the existing fire department and vacant lot to offset the cost.

The cost of the proposed referendum is estimated to be up to 2.2 million dollars. “Legally the district cannot spend over 2.2 million on this project,” says Sean Foran, Project Manager, Hueber-Breuer.  The existing firehouse is reported to have several ongoing space and safety issues. A similar referendum failed in the past at a proposed 1.2 or 1.3 million.

Full article in the March 13th issue of the Express.