Preparedness For Flooding – Heavy Rain Due In The Next Several Days

It appears we are in line to receive up to 3” of rain over the next 5 days, with most of that coming during Thursday and Friday.  We will have to be alert to flooding in low lying areas and carefully watch the rise on streams and rivers.  Rainfall of this magnitude would be enough to cause some hydrologic issues as recent rains have allowed for wet soil conditions and many streams/rivers remain high.

Preparedness activities:

  • If you rely on a sump pump be sure that it is working, that it is connected to a ground fault protection.  Be prepared for a back up pump.
  • Make sure your sump pump discharges at least 10’ or more from the foundation or it will seep back in.
  • The fire department is unable to pump basements less than 3”, obtain a shop vacuum appropriate to remove water or install a sump & pump.
  • This rain event is not going to come from violent storms, it will be heavy tropical type rain so the risk from losing power will be from trees falling due to over saturated ground.
  • If you live in low lying areas expect water to collect and rise, structures cannot be pumped out until the water recedes and stops flowing in.
  • Sand bags need to be filled and in place before the rain comes, after is too late.
  • If your basement floods due to high water conditions and you do not have a sump pump, it is suggested that stored material either be removed or placed high off the floor.
  • If your basement floods regularly or has the potential to flood, a long term mitigation effort will be to move important utilities up out of the range of flooding waters and to remove appliances to another location.
Tom Rinaldi
Stillwater Emergency Planning Comm