Pets: Adoption vs. Purchase – by Jennifer Dugan

Spring is finally in the air and, for many people, that makes it the perfect time to start thinking about adding a new furry friend to their family. But, while the puppies and kittens in the pet store might look cute, adopting from a local shelter or rescue often proves to be a much better option in the long run.

Wendy Mongillo, President of Homes for Orphaned Pets Exist (H.O.P.E.,) says that animals from pet stores are often unhealthy and the product of poor breeding. “The majority of puppies in pet stores are from puppy mills, where the mothers are kept in small cages and are continuously bred for profit,” she said. “These dogs are often not cared for properly and the puppies are frequently not healthy.  Purchasing these puppies from pet stores at extremely high prices keeps the puppy mills in business and the vicious cycle going.”

Read the entire article in the April 24th issue of the Express.