Michael J. Bove Appointed to Student Senate at Siena College

Appointed positions are positions that do have a degree of influence and power in the Student Senate without actually being elected by the class.

Michael was interviewed by the newly elected Senate President, Vice President and a number of other officials. They offered him the position of Executive Assistant on the Student Senate of Siena College. he accepted this position.

The Executive Assistant serves as the Vice President's "right hand man." The Constitution of the Siena College Student Senate defines the position as follows:

Section Six - The Executive Assistant

1) To assist the Vice President wherever it is appropriate and necessary.

2) To chair the Constitutional Review Committee (CRC).

3) To hold a seat on and be an advisor to the Chief of Staff upon the Senate President’s Appointments Committee (SPAC).

The Executive Assistant also sits on the Committee on Chartering and Management of Clubs (CCMC).

Michael will be sworn into this position at the next Student Senate meeting which will take place sometime in January.