Larry Gandron Retires From Mechanicville Post Office

MECHANICVILLE JANUARY 31-  Larry Gandron retired after serving 15 years at the Post Office.Cake and cookies were served in the lobby all day long for those who wanted to thank Larry for his good humor and service to the community. Larry always had a smile and a quip for the patrons. As an example of his consideration he was always more than willing to offer the services of the Stillwater Post Office to those who were in a hurry. When lines were long and patience was ebbing Larry was at his best. He kept everyone laughing. They still had to wait but he made the time go by quicker.
Larry will be staying around town. There are unfounded rumors that he will be going to Las Vegas to perform as a stand up comic. Larry denies them.
Mechanicville will miss the postal worker with the most personality.