I think my head is about to explode!

A Report From the Gun Seller … January 5, 2016

I think my head is about to explode!

I believe Obama has an obsession with trying to impose his will on things which I and a lot of other Americans simply consider wrong.  Obama Care, Iran Nuclear Deal, Climate Change, Closing Guantanamo, now, again, Gun Control, He tries to bypass Congress with these impositions by the use of executive privilege.  And yes, other Presidents have used these executive orders before but not as he has.  I think he may be under a dilution that he is either King or a dictator.  Perhaps next he will go to Cuba for consultations with Castro for tips on how to act like one.  First tip, “take away their guns!”

These early revelations today on what Obama and his Attorney General had consultations about are what is giving me this headache.  At first I thought they would be trying to use “business laws” to curtail any gun sales by private sellers such as has been the case with our own Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman. These new proposed regulations were to rid us of the “Gun Show Loophole.”   As President of NEACA, Inc. we worked closely with the NYS AG and his office to form new “reasonable Gun Show regulations” for all show promoters to encompass across New York State.  Working with the AG, as a gun show advocate and licensed Federal Firearms Dealer, I believed was far better to try to get the best outcome for gun enthusiasts than to simply fight a fairly forgone conclusion of new mandatory regulations.  Now, in NYS, we have a model for how Gun Shows should operate in all states, according to the NY Administration.  The model is probably what Obama wants but the way we achieved it here is not the same as what he is proposing.

The National Rifle Association is calling Obama’s approach to new gun control as a “political stunt.”  In2013, the NRA said, “that a universal background check system for gun buyers is both impracticable and unnecessary, but an effective instant check system that includes records of persons adjudicated mentally ill would prevent potentially dangerous people from getting their hands on firearms.”  I believe that something like a credit card or health insurance card could be established to allow National purchases of firearms for any previously background cleared citizen; thus eliminating mentally ill people from obtaining guns while giving the opportunity to all Americans of their full Second Amendment rights.  Why don’t we go down that road instead of this idiotic journey to nowhere that will do nothing to prevent criminals or terrorists from getting guns?  Criminals steal guns or buy them from other criminals; Obama wants to make Americans who are now legally able to sell their personal firearms into criminals!

He wants to make all gun sellers Federal Dealers!  By sellers he means anyone who sells more than two guns a year.  Thus making those sellers, YOU, the American public, accountable to all of the federal rules and regulations now imposed an current legitimate FFL holders.  The numbers of Federal Firearm Licensed dealers were earnestly thinned out in the past decade because the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms believed there were far too many; thinned to about one third of what they were ten years ago.  The idea was to get rid of “kitchen table dealers” who only used the Federal License to buy wholesale guns for themselves and their friends.  The legitimate dealers then applauded the action as did the BATF so they didn’t have to inspect and regulate so many FFL holders.  Now Obama wants to return to yesteryear to again fuel his obsession for gun control.

As a US Citizen who has a right to keep and bear arms, as the Second Amendment to the US Constitution and basically all States’ Constitutions guarantee, you will also be under the same laws and rules of all FFL dealers if you sell two of your guns in the next year.  Laws that give the Federal Government and ANY State authority the right to search your premises.  The regulation that mandates YOU to perform a Federal background check.  A law that requires YOU to keep a bound book of records of ALL of your guns.  And, no doubt, a business license, a sales tax license and zoning regulation enforcement.  Violate any of these and you could face a mandatory ten year felony jail sentence.

However, these are all “Reasonable Gun Laws” that “most Americans, even gun owners want!”

… But wait, there is more to come.  Excuse me!  …. My head just exploded!

David Petronis, President