Gingko Trees in Round Lake – by Lauren Peterson

Ginkgo biloba – commonly known as the ginkgo tree – has become a familiar name in many American households in the past few years, along with a host of other eastern plants that promise medicinal benefits. It may surprise some residents of the area to learn that we have ginkgo trees growing around us. There are several young ones in Round Lake, some of them well-hidden, though the easiest one to locate is in the middle of the small park on the southeastern corner of the village where the museum used to stand.

Most people who know about Ginkgo biloba are thinking of the health supplement. It is believed by some to enhance memory and concentration, but scientific studies have thus far been extremely contradictory. It may have no effect on the body, or it may improve blood flow, protect against damage from free radicals and block the effects of many central nervous system disorders.

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