City Approves New Stop Signs, Moratorium on Tag Days – by T. Mahoney

MECHANICVILLE JULY 2- Mechanicville DPW will be paid from NYSEG to do the black topping to cover the holes they have dug for the gas replacement lines.

Chief Waldron recommended that the City increase fines for truck traffic penalties.Many trucks have not been following the posted signs in the City. He suggested that the first offense go from $50 to the $150-$250 range; 2nd offense $250 -$350; and 3rd offense $350. This will require an amendment to the City Code. Waldron believes the current fines are so small that it is easier to pay the fine than to take the 9 mile re routing. The extra truck traffic on Main may be the cause of the water main breaks.

Read the entire article in the July 10th issue of the Express.