The New York State Canal Corporation has announced several preemptive measures it has taken in response to a large storm system that is affecting most of the eastern United States, including many areas throughout the Canal Corridor in upstate New York. 

“All Canal employees are on high alert and we are carefully monitoring conditions throughout the Canal system,” said Canal Corporation Director Brian U. Stratton. “The measures being taken are preventative in nature and are designed to minimize impacts related to flooding, and to allow us to re-open all sections of the canal as quickly as possible once the storm passes.” 

The Canal Corporation had lowered levels in different areas of the Canal system, including the Mohawk River portion of the Erie Canal, in advance of today’s rainfall to build additional storage for rising waters. 

In addition, the following measures have been taken: 

  • Locks E-6 (Waterford) through E-25 (Mays Point) on the Erie Canal are closed;
  • Locks C-1 (Halfmoon) through C-7 (Fort Edward) on the Champlain Canal are closed;
  • Locks O-1 (Phoenix) through O-8 (Oswego) on the Oswego Canal are closed;
  • The Cayuga-Seneca Canal is closed from Lock CS-1 (Cayuga) to the Erie Canal;
  • Canal staff is coordinating closely with the National Weather Service;
  • Canal staff has assisted in moving vessels on the Canal to more secure locations as necessary, and assisting vessel owners with access to electricity, water, bathrooms and other services.