Brown’s Beach Still Needs Volunteers – by H. Wessell


TOWN  OF STILLWATER, May 5: Road work and  restoration continue in earnest at Brown's Beach town park. "I'm here right now," said Town Supervisor  Edward Kinowski to the Express Monday afternoon;  "and we've got truck after truck pulling in with loads of stone -- for more roadway;  and they're really going strong. Dewatering is a big thing underway, and getting to the upper building so I can  start to prepare that for Menetto"  [PowerSports, new marina operator].

   He explained that the deck of the main building, due to the way it was attached to the building, has been affected by water, frost heaves, age and lack of care, so that "we're going to restore that area to a better condition ñ by making it new."


Read the entire article in the May 8th issue of the Express.