Awards and Achievements – Local College Students

The College of Saint Rose Announces Fall 2017 Dean's List

ALBANY, NY (01/30/2018)-- The College of Saint Rose in Albany, N.Y., has named the following student(s) to its Dean's List for Fall 2017. Full-time undergraduate students who complete a minimum of 12 graded credit hours, and who achieve a semester average of 3.5 with no D, F or Incomplete grade, are eligible for the Dean's List.

Giana Anderson of Waterford, NY

Kira Barber of Mechanicville, NY

Kevin Bennett of Clifton Park, NY

Aileen Burke of Clifton Park, NY

Dalton Burrello of Mechanicville, NY

Allyson DeRusso of Clifton Park, NY

Lisa Ehman of Mechanicville, NY

Hannah Feldman of Mechanicville, NY

Stephen Healey of Waterford, NY

Joshua Heller of Mechanicville, NY

James Johnson of Clifton Park, NY

Kaile Kenyon of Mechanicville, NY

Nathanael Leece of Melrose, NY

Madison Manuel of Clifton Park, NY

Joseph McDade of Waterford, NY

Laura McGreevy of Waterford, NY

Nicolette Miciotta of Mechanicville, NY

Audrey Moylan of Waterford, NY

Jenna Rivet of Waterford, NY

Brianna Romeo of Waterford, NY

Giovani Saldana of Waterford, NY

Maria Savallo of Clifton Park, NY

Maria Savino of Waterford, NY

Jenna Smith of Clifton Park, NY

Jessica Sokol of Waterford, NY

John Van der Veer of Clifton Park, NY

Gregory Van Voorst of Clifton Park, NY

Nicolette Wagner of Clifton Park, NY

Lauren Wemett of Clifton Park, NY

Jake Zembrzuski of Halfmoon, NY

Springfield College Recognizes Dean's List Students for the 2017 Fall Semester

SPRINGFIELD, MA (01/29/2018)-- Springfield College Recognizes Dean's List Students for the 2017 Fall Semester.

Springfield College has named Kathryn Nafis of Clifton Park, NY (12065) to the dean's list for academic excellence for the fall 2017 term. Nafis is studying Health Science and Pre-Physical Therapy.

Noah Hathaway named to dean's list at Becker College

WORCESTER, MA (01/25/2018)-- Noah Hathaway of Waterford has been named to the Fall 2017 dean's list at Becker College.

Southern Vermont College Student Caitlin Cooke of Waterford, NY Named for Dean's List Fall 2017 Semester

BENNINGTON, VT (01/25/2018)-- Each semester, full-time students who have achieved a minimum GPA of 3.65 are placed on the Dean's List. Those students included on the Dean's List have completed at least 12 credits of graded course work with no incompletes or grades below C at the close of the semester.



Caitlin Cooke of Waterford, NY achieved Dean's List for the Fall 2017 Semester.

SUNY Oswego recognizes area students on Deans' List for fall 2017

OSWEGO, NY (01/25/2018)-- Several area student's earning a grade point average of 3.3 to 3.79 appear on SUNY Oswego's fall 2017 Deans' List.

Olivia R. Castaneda of Gloucester Street in Clifton Park, a sophomore zoology major

Danniel Ismail of Old Coach Road in Clifton Park, a senior information science major

Allison J. Nelson of Tracey Court in Clifton Park, a freshman human resource management major

Bridget M. Nelson of Tracey Court in Clifton Park, a freshman adolescence education major

Nicholas Quigley of Gloucester Street in Clifton Park, a senior marketing major

Shawn M. Rousseau of Waite Road in Clifton Park, a senior finance major

Kirstin M. Swartz of Wilden Way in Clifton Park, a senior creative writing major

Jillian N. Travis of Ivy Court in Clifton Park, a senior human resource management major

Bryan M. Farrell of Cavalry Course in Mechanicville, a sophomore finance major

Justin Akin of Madigan Road in Schaghticoke, a junior finance major

Oswego students achieving a GPA of 3.8 to 4.0 earn President's List recognition.

Area Students Named to Morrisville State College President's List

MORRISVILLE, NY (01/30/2018)-- Morrisville State College recently announced those students who were named to the President's List for the Fall 2017 semester. To be named to the President's List, a student must achieve a perfect 4.0 average for the semester and complete 12 credit hours.

Riley Cepiel is majoring in Horticultural Business Management BT and a resident of Mechanicville, NY (12118)

Christine Kevan is majoring in Animal Science - Equine Science & Management - AAS and a resident of Clifton Park, NY (12065)

Katherine Fish of Clifton Park named to the dean's list at James Madison University.

HARRISONBURG, VA (01/30/2018)-- JMU announces fall 2017 dean's list

James Madison University is pleased to announce the following student made the dean's list for the fall 2017 semester.

Cazenovia College Announces Students Named to Dean's List for Fall 2017

CAZENOVIA, NY (01/30/2018)-- More than 200 students were named to the Fall 2017 Dean's List at Cazenovia Collage. To qualify for the Dean's List, students must achieve a 3.5 or better grade point average. The following local students made the list:

Rory Morgan of Melrose, NY majoring in Management - Fashion Merchandising.

Casey Russell of Clifton Park, NY majoring in Management Business.