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Solar Siting Law in Schaghticoke – by Christine Barton

Article on page 7 of the 01/19 Express.

Halfmoon Solar Project

HALFMOON – On Wednesday April 20th Hillcrest Fire Department put together a joint training along with neighboring departments; Halfmoon – Waterford Fire Department and Hemstreet Park Fire Department to educate…

Solar Sal Arrives in Mechanicville – by T. Mahoney

MECHANICVILLE OCTOBER 13- On Tuesday afternoon the Mechanicville dock was used for a new purpose- to unload freight. Solar Sal the 40′ solar powered boat designed by Dave Borton left…

Waterford Town Government Considers Going Solar – By H. Wessell

TOWN OF WATERFORD, November 25 — Jack Honor  of  groSolar, a Vermont company, whom Supervisor John Lawler  had asked to visit the Town Board agenda meeting, explained that, in keeping…

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