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Domestic Violence Conference

Stillwater October 20- Congressman Paul Tonko and State Senator Kathy Marchione read off some statistics on domestic violence. “One is six woman is subject to stalking ;nationally there are 10…

“Change the Culture in Order to Change the Behavior” Sgt. Ray Cordani on Domestic Violence

STILLWATER OCTOBER 28- Since 2003 the Stillwater Police Department has taken in 4,000 used cell phones. These phones are restored and given to victims of domestic violence in the area….

Stillwater’s Cordani’s Goals – by H. Wessell

TOWN OF STILLWATER, March 31 – In a conversation with the Express looking back on his months as Police Commissioner for Stillwater, Sergeant Raymond Cordani was glad to say the…

Change the Culture to Change the Behavior – R. Cordani

STILLWATER- OCTOBER 20- Police Commissioner Ray Cordani conducted the annual Domestic Violence News Conference at the Town Hall. He appreciated the cell phones that are donated from the local community….

Heroin Enforcement a New Reality – by H. Wessell

   Some people should know that the person who might literally stop the death from heroin overdose of a friend, relative or oneself might be the policeman or policewoman just…

Cordani Named Stillwater Police Commissioner – by H. Wessell

  TOWN  OF STILLWATER. May 17th The Express was advised over the weekend by Supervisor Edward Kinowski that 21-year veteran Town Police Sergeant Raymond  Cordani will become Police Commissioner, in…

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